Our Legal Services

Explore the comprehensive legal services offered by Hackvocate, addressing a wide spectrum of technology-related issues. We specialize in:

Civil Cases

Resolve civil disputes arising out of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), blockchain conflicts, technology-related contracts, and more. Our legal expertise ensures tailored solutions for complex civil suits.

Constitutional Cases

Tackle constitutional cases that trigger digital privacy concerns, surveillance issues, and technology-related constitutional challenges. Our legal team is well-versed in navigating the intricate landscape of constitutional law related to technology.

Cyber Crime Issues

Address a variety of cybercrime issues, including cryptocurrency frauds, data theft, sextortion, ransomware attacks, identity theft, hacking, phishing, cyberbullying, online scams, honey trapping, matrimonial frauds, and more. Our team combines legal acumen with cybersecurity expertise to protect your digital interests.


Offer forensic services in areas such as computer forensics, mobile forensics, memory forensics, cloud forensics, audio forensics, video forensics, and more. Our experts use advanced forensic techniques to collect, analyze, and present digital evidence in legal proceedings.